Grillin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /grill-in/

Also spelled or known as: Grilling

Related: Grill, Grilled

What does Grillin’ mean?

1. To be staring someone or something down.

Grillin’ Synonyms: Grilling

Grilling Synonyms: Grillin’, Roasting, Hating, Dissing

Example sentence: “I got that shit on that’s why he’s grillin’.”

Grillin’ in songs:

I’m grillin’ and I’m fuckin’ at the same time I’m grillin’ and I’m fuckin’ at the same time” – Chris Brown, Gold Slugs.

“Why they grillin’? Yeah I’m still in like I never left They know I had to go but then I brought it right back” – Logic, Like Woah.

“You ain’t gotta get heated at every housewarmin’ Sittin’ here, grillin’ people like George Foreman” – Kanye West, Family Business.

“The windows roll down, all I see is a hand pass it Hotboxin’ like George Foreman grillin’ the masses” – Kendrick Lamar, The Art of Peer Pressure.

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