Gold slugs

Gold slugs (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gold-slawgs/

Also spelled or known as: Gold-slugs, Goldslugs

Related: Grill, Grills, Grillz, Frontz

What does Gold slugs mean?

A gold grill; Gold fitted jewelry worn over teeth or mouth.

Gold slugs Synonyms: Frontz, Grillz, Grills

Example sentence: “I like the gold slugs Juicy J had on.”

Gold slugs in songs:

“Stone cold love, rose gold slugs” – A$AP Rocky, Palace.

“And we ’bout business so we know let’s get it and we love gold slugs, baby” – Fetty Wap, Gold Slugs.

I’m from where you get extorted by a jit, Them gold slugs talk jibberish” – 9lokkNine, Pop My Shit.

“All gold slugs and I don’t need to floss” – A$AP Ferg, Persian Wine.

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Gold slugs
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Gold slugs