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Grilling (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /grill-in/

Also spelled or known as: Grillin’

Related: Grill, Grilled

What does Grilling mean?

1. To be staring someone or something down.

Grilling Synonyms: Grillin’

2. To be making fun of someone.

Grilling Synonyms: Grillin’, Roasting, Hating, Dissing

Example sentence: “I was with his ex so he was grilling hard.”

Grilling in songs:

“I remember no heat in the winter time Now that I’m eating haters grilling me like dinner time” – Logic, Feel Good.

“Sometimes, I wonder why we killers, why they killing us I think we only wear a grill because they grilling us Or how they feeling us, gotta look real and tough Gotta keep your hands in the cart, know you stealing stuff” – Isaiah Rashad, Ronnie Drake

So nggas try and lay low just hope that they lie in ditches Im killing these nggas George Forman in the 6 how I’m grilling these niggas” – Tory Lanez, Mama Told Me.

“Now if I kill you I probably do ten in the box Come down on appeal then I’m killing your pops You feeling The LOX, nigga, why you grilling The LOX? If this rap shit don’t work niggas still in the spot” – Jadakiss, Reservoir Dogs.

“Y’all chicks is borin’, I be grilling rappers up like a Foreman” – Carly X, YouTube Cypher, Vol. 3.

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