Grill (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gr-ill/

Also spelled or known as: Gold grill

Plural: Grills, Grillz

Related: Fronts, Grilled

What does Grill mean?

1. Gold, silver, diamond or platinum fitted jewelry worn over teeth or mouth.

Grill Synonyms: Fronts, Grillz

2. To humiliate or make fun of someone.

Grill Synonyms: Diss, Roast

Example sentence: “Staring too hard gets you punched in your grill.”

Grill in songs:

“These niggas’ll kill for that, put it in your grill for that” – Kendrick Lamar, The Recipe.

“Man’s down south hustling with no gold grill in his teeth” – Giggs, Man Don’t Care.

“I see your girl, imma grill her” – Kippage, Arriba.

“Paid ninety for my grill, then lost it, that’s why I ain’t smilin'” – Tee Grizzley, Friday Night Cypher.

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