Got that shit on


Got that shit on (phrase)

Type: adjective, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /got-that-shit-on/

What does Got that shit on mean?

To be having designer clothes on.

Got that shit on Synonyms: Styling

Example sentence: “My boy, you got drip, you got that shit on.

Got that shit on in songs:

“Everybody got that shit on, everybody countin’ them blues” – Peewee Longway, Top of the Bank.

“You got that shit on, and you wear it like you been on” – YG, Vibe With You.

“Breathe slow, head to toe, I got that shit on” – Dave East, Envy.

“You got that shit on, I like it, you one of the flyest” – Jacquees, Easy.

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Got that shit on
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