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Slopped (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /slopd/

Related: Slop, Slopping, Sloppin”

What does Slopped mean?

To have performed oral sex.

Slopped Synonyms: Topped, Necked, Blowed, Slobbed, Sucked

Example sentence: “She slopped last night.”

Slopped in songs:

“Is A Bitch Cause She On My Dick She Bopped My Shit She Slopped My Shit Guess What Nigga She’s A Boppin Bitch Yeah,” – Jasper Dolphin, ThisNiggaAintFunnyAtAll.

“She gave me top and slopped the roommate Then said she brushed her teeth but you lyin’ ’cause ain’t no toothpaste” – Rexx Life Raj, Built for Everything.

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