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Giving props

Giving props (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /give-in-props/

Also spelled or known as: Givin’ props, Giving-props

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What does Giving props mean?

To be giving credit, showing respect or regards.

Giving props Synonyms: Paying homage

Giving props example sentence: “I was giving props to my mentor during my speech.”

Giving props in songs:

“I was back to giving props again, and that was bothering ‘Bout as uncomfortable as a Untouchable touching you” – Lupe Fiasco, Hurt Me Soul.

“Try coming up with something that you’re doing wrong Instead of giving props dapping me and moving on” – G-Eazy, Change The Station.

“A funky dribbler ball handler rough for a verangular Giving props there you want cocks and I’m slamming them” – Heavy D, Jam Session.

Don’t get it twisted yo, I never really favored you And I was raised by my niggas from the Flavor U So fuck giving props where they ain’t due Fuck you and that nigga Who wrote the rhyme for you too” – Queen Latifah. Name Callin’.

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Giving props
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Giving props

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