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Paying homage

Paying homage (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pay-in-hom-age/

Also known or spelled as: Payin’ homage

Related: Homage, Pay homage, Paid homage, Payin’ homage

What does Paying homage mean?

To be showing respects or regards.

Paying homage Synonyms: Paying homage

Example sentence: “We should all be paying homage to Mac Miller.”

Paying homage in songs:

“It’s some legends gone, so I’m paying homage, they paved the way” – Saba, Bucket List.

“Hope you pussies paying homage Got lean flowing down to my stomach” – Gunna, Japan.

I’m honestly paying homage to forgotten pioneers of this culture that are giving them props and learn” – Macklemore, B-Boy.

“I ain’t paying homage to nobody with no bodies I don’t care ’bout yo Ferrari I’ll snatch you out that Bentley” – Vince Staples, Big Time.

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Paying homage
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Paying homage

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