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Gimme (slang) Type: contraction, verb Pronunciation: /gee-mi/ Also spelled: Gimmi, Gimmie What does Gimme mean? Give me. Gimme is slang for Give me. Gimme Synonyms: Lemme, Finna, Boutta, Gonna, I’mma Example sentence: “I’mma make this money, gimme a few months” Gimme in songs: “I step in Def Jam buildin’ like I’m the shit, Tell ’em […]


Gimmick (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /gim-ick/ Plural: Gimmicks What does Gimmick mean? A trick or planned tactic to attract publicity and gain attention. Gimmick Synonyms: Scheme, Publicity stunt Example sentence: “My boy the real deal, he’s not a gimmick.” Gimmick in songs: “Kazaam is sad thrills, your gimmick is mediocre” – Kendrick Lamar, How […]


Gimmie (slang) Type: contraction, slang Pronunciation: /gee-mi/ Also spelled: Gimmi, Gimme What does Gimmie mean? Give me. Gimmie is slang for Give me. Related to Gimmie: Lemme, Finna, Boutta, Gonna, I’mma Example sentence: “Luckily the popo didn’t gimmie a ticket.” Gimmie in songs: “Don’t deflate it up gimmie the bucks my cash wrinkling up Looking […]