Ghostwriting (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /ghost-ry-ting/

Also known as: Ghost writing, Ghost-writing

Related: Ghostwriter, Ghostwritten

What does Ghostwriting mean?

Writing uncredited lyrics.

Example sentence: “The camp was in the studio ghostwriting.”

Ghostwriting in songs:

“Ghost-ride the whip like I’m ghostwriting verses” – Evidence, Strangers.

“From collabos, ghostwriting for assholes” – Cam’ron, I Really Mean It.

Ghostwriting lyrics that’s niggas behind bars” B.o.B, Smash it

“You just witnessed a double, a probable Odd Future diss in the future And me ghostwriting my own rebuttals” – Lupe Fiasco, Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus.

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