Ghostwriter (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ghost-ry-ter/

Also known as: Ghost writer, Ghost-writer

Plural: Ghostwriters

Related: Ghostwrite, Ghostwrote, Ghostwriting

What does Ghostwriter mean?

An uncredited writer on a song or album.

Example sentence: “My favorite rapper never had a ghostwriter.”

Ghostwriter in songs:

“No, to be the Queen of Rap, you can’t have a ghostwriter” – Remy Ma, ShETHER.

“I can dig rappin’, but a rapper with a ghostwriter?” – Kendrick Lamar, King Kunta.

“I drop a mixtape today, they gon’ be thinking I got me a ghostwriter” – Lil Baby, Boss Bitch.

“S. Carter, ghostwriter, and for the right price” – Jay-Z, Ride or Die.

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