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Tech (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /tek/

Also spelled or known as: Tek

Related: Hi-Tek

What does Tech mean?

1. A semi-automatic pistol.

Tech Synonyms: TEC, Glock, Semi

2. Lean; A narcotic mixture of codeine, sprite, and jolly ranchers.

Tech Synonyms: Hi-Tech, Promethazine, Lean, Codeine, Act, Purple Drank, Dirty Sprite, Soda, Good Drank, Drank, Wock, Wockeisha, Wocky, Sizzurp, Purple stuff, Texas tea

3. Technology.

Example sentence: “He keeps a tech around.”

Tech in songs:

“Triple doubles, both wrist and neck freeze Triple doubles, two bricks and tech squeeze” – Pusha T, Sweet Serenade.

“Bottles of the Tech got it laid on ice We spent four seasons at the Four Seasons twice” – Lil Yachty, 1Night.

“You the realest nigga breathin’ if I hold my breath (damn) Referee with a whistle, brrrt, hold this tech (baow)” – 2 Chainz, Birthday Song.

Hunnid on my wrist, sippin’ on Tech (Brr) Fuck a lilbitch, make her pussy wet (What?)” – Lil Pump, Gucci Gang.

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