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Dutchy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dawtch-e/

Also spelled or known as: Dutchie

Related: Dutch, Dutch Master, Dutch Masters

What does Dutchy mean?

A Dutch Master brand cigar emptied of tobacco and re-rolled with weed.

Dutchy Synonyms: Dutch, Blunt, Swisher, Swisher sweet

Example sentence: “We brought a dutchy to the picnic.”

Dutchy in songs:

“Polo sport rugby, you niggas can’t touch me And if you niggas touch me you get smoked like a dutchy” – Left Brain, P.O.S..

“Like Bruce Banner changin’ the standard of bein’ lifted Got another dutchy twisted the size of a fuckin’ midget” – Chris Webby, I’m Gone.

“Puff puff, pass the dutchy to the righteous man Heights expand, what we like the contraband” – Joey BADA$$, 147.

“You pass the Dutchy I’ll blast you trust me Niggas can’t fuck with me I’m in a good mood y’all lucky” – JAY-Z, Can I Live Freestyle.

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