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Dutch (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dawtch/

Related: Dutchie, Dutch Master, Dutch Masters

What does Dutch mean?

Dutch Masters; A brand of cigars, typically emptied of tobacco and re-rolled with weed.

Dutch Synonyms: Dutchie, Blunt, Swisher, Swisher sweet

Example sentence: “I just emptied the dutch out.”

Dutch in songs:

“You rappers just talk a bunch, stress me out, I chop a dutch” – G-Eazy, I Mean It.

“Never care so much, ran out of ‘Woods, Just pass the Dutch” – Lil Durk, No Auto Durk.

“She like to crack the dutch down the middle, drop a purp in” – Los, Ocho Cinco.

“Split the dutch down the middle like Moses did the sea” – Meechy Darko, Thug Waffle.

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