Put work in

Put work in (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /put-in-work/

Related: Putting in work, Puttin’ in work, Put in work

What does Put work in mean?

1. To give something all you have and do your best.

Put work in Synonyms: Put in work, Grind

2. To engage in gang-related activities or something dangerous or illegal.

Put work in Synonyms: Put in work

Example sentence: “We’re gonna be rich because we put work in.”

Put work in in songs:

“I fuck with the Vodka she fuck with the Rose Strap in the Uber they searchin’ the Rove Came from the bottom, put work in the stove I left out the bando, came back in the Rolls” – French Montana, Power.

“Catch a opp and I’m lettin’ it off , Swish Gang bitch I’m always on court And all of my niggas be lurkin’ and all of my niggas put work in” – Curly Savv, Word To My Mother.

“This my third time around the worldwide, winds Give me the Versai-, Versac-, Benz, put work in” – JID, Roots.

Put work in the trap what you know about that Pillow talking to ya ho hating on a nigga” – Yo Gotti, Ain’t Me.

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Put work in
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Put work in