Chopped and Screwed

Chopped and Screwed (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chawpped-and-skrewed/

Also spelled or known as: Screwed and Chopped, Slowed and Throwed, Chopped n’ Screwed

What does Chopped and Screwed mean?

A technique of remixing hip-hop music by slowing it down, making it skip or scratch.

Chopped and Screwed origin: Chopped and Screwed was created in Houston, Texas’ hip-hop scene in the early 1990s by DJ Screw.

Example sentence: “We listened to mad Chopped and Screwed during the summer.”

Coined by: DJ Screw

Chopped and Screwed in songs:

“No lean, but I chopped and screwed” – Schoolboy Q, Hell of a Night.

“Awkward face, chopped and screwed, ’cause I hate the stench when a whore talkin'” – Earl Sweatshirt, Awkward Face.

chopped and screwed, if i bought the belt then i bought the
Shoes, talk loud but then dont face, coming down that shit crazy” – Kirko Bangz, Worry Bout U.

“Who that is? That’s the illest rapper chopped and screwed on it” -Chamillionaire, Turn It Up.

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Chopped and Screwed
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Chopped and Screwed

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