Certified Platinum

Certified Platinum (certification)

Type: noun, slang, music

Pronunciation: /cer-tee-fied-plat-num/

Also known as: Platinum selling, Platinum status, Platinum album, Platinum single, Went Platinum

What does Certified Platinum mean?

To have achieved a milestone of 1 million units sold total.

Certified Platinum Synonyms: Platinum, Platinum album, Platinum single

Other music certifications: Gold, Diamond

Example sentence: “The new Drake album is already certified platinum.”

Certified Platinum in songs:

Certified platinum artist, ‘fore my album hit the store” H.A.W.K., H.A.W.K..

Certified platinum slashin’ bastards” – Da Brat, Let’s All Get High.

Certified platinum anything I put my name on” – WIz Khalifa, Weak.

Bitch ass niggas what see I gives a fuck who’s certified platinum or gold” – Ras Kass, Riiiot!.

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Certified Platinum
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Certified Platinum

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