Bredrins (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bred-rins/

Also spelled or known as: Bredrens

Related: Bredren, Bredrin

Singular: Bredrin

What does Bredrins mean?

Close friends or family members.

Bredrins Synonyms: Kikos, Home skillets, Homies, Homeboys, Homegirls, Broskis, Dawgs, Bro, Gang, Woes, Whoadies

Example sentence: “I’ma hit the club with my bredrins tomorrow.”

Bredrins in songs:

“I gotta stay loyal to my girl, that’s the trait she was blessed with Restaurants, raves with my bredrins Life’s too short, so we gotta turn up” – Dave, Heart Attack.

I’m watchin’ for feds, they be leanin’ on man I’m watchin’ my bredrins, they schemin’ on man” – M Huncho, Come Up.

“The heat will bang for a legend on the roads, So keep your hands off my bredrins and my clothes” – Skepta, It Ain’t Safe.

“Her and Hannah had lunch Told her she’s pregnant And they’re the closest of bredrins So she didn’t stunt to tell her, I think that it’s an error” – Dave, Lesley.

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