Bredren (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bred-rin/

Also spelled or known as: Bredrin

Related: Bredrens, Bredrin

Plural: Bredrens

What does Bredren mean?

A close friend or family member.

Bredren Synonyms: Kiko, Home skillet, Homie, Homeboy, Homegirl, Broski, Dawg, Bro, Gang, Woe, Whoadie

Example sentence:I’m going to get food with my bredren.”

Bredren in songs:

“Never was a fan of no yes-men, I Keep my composure with bredren” – Erick the Architect, Left Hand.

“He got snuffed, he got shot in the thigh, he did nothin’ But that’s Nas always lookin’ out for bredren ‘Cause when bredren don’t return love it don’t stress him ‘Cause gangstas do gangsta shit, real recognize real Still laughin’ to the bank and shit” – Nas, Destroy & Rebuild.

“Deja vu, like I been here before I’m feelin reborn, like a Bed-Stuy bredren My first born, Dre I’m bout to have a Bad Boy” – The Game, Like Father, Like Son.

“Any girl that I’m with is a ten Nine, eight, bredren, decent” – Dave, Professor X.

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