Bootsie (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /boot-see/

What does Bootsie mean?

To be lame, uncool, or outdated.

Bootsie Synonyms: Wack, Whack

Example sentence: “He was a hater and a bootsie.”

Bootsie in songs:

“Ain’t gon’ talk about clothes because I ain’t bootsie” – Casual, Nickel and Dime Gangsta.

“They be actin’ so bootsie ‘Cause I made a lot in life they wanna shoot me” – Tech N9ne, Chuki Fever.

“That’s yo wife but she callin’ the nigga bookie That’s her nigga but her nigga hella bootsie” – Lil June, On Top.

“One thing about me, I ain’t bootsie” – E-40, We Flip.

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