Boombox (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /boom-box/

Related: Boom box, Boom-box

What does Boombox mean?

A radio player.

Boombox Synonyms: Radio

Example sentence: “I really like the boombox you have there.”

Boombox in songs:

“Drug money in my shoebox I’m the man of the house and my shows sold out Like the brudda from the Boondocks Beats 1 in my boombox” – Stormzy, Big For Your Boots.

Nappy-ass dreadlocks, black Forces, black socks (Ayy, ayy, brrt) Make the Draco pop, it’s louder than a boombox (Brrt, brrt, brrt) Shoutout to OVO, this Drac’ can make your bed rock (Make your bed rock)” – NLE Choppa, Beat Box First Day Out.

“I got my shades on, waiting for the sun to shine my way Got my boombox, suntan lotion, waiting for action They say when you play with skills, good luck could happen Let’s go” – Jay-Z, Guns & Roses.

I’m livin’ to conquer, remember the mantra, I’m grippin’ the launcher Like Em and the Doctor with no guilty conscience I’m still shockin’ like droppin’ a boombox in bathwater More shockin’ than a pissed off Blanka” – KXNG Crooked, I Will.

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