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Flamer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /flame-err/

Related: Flame

Plural: Flamers

What does Flamer mean?

A gun.

Flamer Synonyms: Draco, Tool, Yoppa, Choppa, Glizzy, Stick, Piece, Strap, Toolie, Iron, Gat, Grip

Example sentence: “We always have a flamer in the car.”

Flamer in songs:

“As long as she was paid, she was in the shade You can’t really blame her for holdin’ on a flamer Society taught her, but they didn’t tame her A ten clip salute, hunny here’s a troop” – Q-Tip, Everything Is Fair.

“From the bottom of the bottom is where I came from Fought fire with fire nigga I had a flamer I turn my hell into heaven yup I done came up Had to kick disloyal subjects up out of my kingdom” – Montana of 300, On Me.

“Said they always speak my name But when they see me they never look Cause they know I keep that flamer But hold up that’s another book” – Meek Mill, Do Dat Dere.

“I met him by Snake Pond, my hand on the flamer, my bomb I parked the gray Ghost then lit up the bong It’s nightfall, nothing here, nothing to fear Just got things to touch on, then he walked up weird” – Raekwon, Snake Pond.

“They over the hill like Wyclef and Praswell I’m over the hills like UFOs at Roswell You lame, I know you guys well If you can name an MC that’s flamer than me, you high as hell You can’t dance with the chancellor” – Jay Electronica, My World (Nas Salute).

“I love to keep it pushing, like the bass and speakers Love hearing real hip hop, and making heaters Born entertainer, armed with the flamer If they bust shots, when they come on, its a banger” – Rakim, Still in Love.

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