Boondocks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /boon-docs/

Also spelled or known as: The Boondocks

Related: Boonies

What does Boondocks mean?

The middle of nowhere or a rural area far from the city.

Boondocks Synonyms: Boonies, Boons

Example sentence: “He’s a city boy now but he is from the boondocks.”

Boondocks in songs:

“I moved my mom to the boondocks, we already used to sleepin’ in a cave” – Gunna, Idk Why.

“We done moved out to the boondocks, Built a big house, there he wonders.” – J. Cole, Sacrifices.

“I’m from the Boondocks of Compton, California” – King Tee, Played Like a Piano.

“No I ain’t never seen money like you got, Nobody got that kind of money in the boondocks” – Yelawolf, Daddy’s Lambo.

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