Brudda (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bruh-da/

Related: Bruh, Bro, Brodie

What does Brudda mean?

Brother. Brudda is a variant of bro; meaning brother.

Brudda Synonyms: Bro, Bruh, Broski, Brodie, Bruv

Example sentence: “That’s my brudda on the cover.”

Brudda in songs:

I’m the man of the house and my shows sold out, Like the brudda from the Boondocks” – Stormzy, Big For Your Boots.

“Young black brudda I’m a stylish g” – Dave, Funky Friday.

Brudda, man don’t make jokes with me, Charlie” – Big Shaq, Fire in the Booth.

“Do it for my brudda or mama” – Swift, Lock Arff.

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