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Oxy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ox-e/

Related: Ox, Oxycodone

What does Oxy mean?

Oxycontin; a potent and synthetic pain-relief opioid.

Oxy Synonyms: Ox, Oxycodone

Example sentence: “Why did you you try giving me an oxy at the party?”

Oxy in songs:

Smoke ’til my mind frying, eyes red, high and crying Numb the pain with Oxy and Dior, yeah, pricey” – Juice WRLD, Conversations.

“Before I hit the blunt, I gotta pop a couple Oxy Cherry flavor Coke, I flip the cap, and now I’m sloppy” – Ruby da Cherry, Cold Turkey.

“Big old whiskey on them icy rocks Flood down some veins like oxy does I need fresh air, I need oxygen Who the hell you fooling? It’s so obvious” – Matt Champion, SAN MARCOS.

“I don’t need you to see what I see (I don’t need you) Yeah, all my chains go crazy, yeah, this bitch got icy (Icy) Yeah, I just took Perc’, took a Oxy” – Yeat, Already Rich.

“I do it how I want, I don’t gotta sell my soul And I sell blue pills you can smoke off the foil I got Oxy, Xanny, take off your panties Fresh like Mannie, got it straight from my granny” – OhGeesy, Trap House.

“Keep that work, got that Oxy, need that kilo, call that papi Know my steelo, shrimp with sake, sold that her-on, look like toffee” – ScHoolboy Q, Yay Yay.

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