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Conscious rap

Conscious rap (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /con-sious-rap/

Related: Conscious, Emo rap, Mumble rap, Conscious rapper, Rapper, Mumble rapper, Battle rapper

Plural: Conscious raps

What does Conscious rap mean?

A subgenre of Hip-Hop/Rap that spreads social awareness or a message.

Example sentence: “We went there listening to conscious rap, came back listening to mumble rap.”

Conscious rap in songs:

“This ain’t conscious rap, this shit ignorant, nigga, hair trigger” – Vic Mensa, 16 Shots.

“If you don’t like my conscious rap, you won’t like my material shit” – Logic, DadBod.

“These conscious rap pussies ain’t in no place help us” – BONES, Virus.

I’m just getting treasures from conscious rap” – AK the Underachiever, Incandescent.

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Conscious rap
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Conscious rap