Industry plant

Industry plant (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /in-dus-tree-plant/

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What does Industry plant mean?

An artist who has major label support but portrays themselves as “independent” or an artist who didn’t have an organic rise.

Industry plant Synonyms: Plant

Example sentence: “They all think he’s an industry plant, because we didn’t see his come up.”

Industry plant in songs:

“To be honest, fuck every single industry plant, To be honest, look all you got is industry fans” – Russ, To Be Honest.

I’m in the streets, I’m not a industry plant” – Sha Hef, Let’s Go.

So fuck an industry plant, I’ll plant myself in the industry, in my own shoes, I ain’t givin’ no sympathy” – Quadeca, Thank You Next.

“No management, no co-sign, no industry plant” – Tre Capital, Diamond Freestyle Pt. IV.

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Industry plant
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Industry plant