Bond money

Bond money (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bawd-mon-e/

What does Bond money mean?

An amount of money paid for the temporary release of a prisoner or criminal.

Bond money Synonyms: Bail

Example sentence: “He posted bond money and got out of the pen.”

Bond money in songs:

“They let me off papers, got bond money on deck” – Young Pappy, Savages.

“Lawyer fees and bond money, I drop big deposits” – Lil Durk, Nobody Knows.

“Tell my mamma it was a big mistake, All the bond money I’mma reinstate” – Lil Jay, Bars of Clout.

“Tellin peoples on me, I got bond money, Legal money, got it illegal” – Robb Bsnks, On Me (Batonrouge).

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Bond money
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Bond money