Cancer sticks

Cancer sticks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /can-ser-sticks/

Also spelled or known as: Cancer-sticks, Cancersticks

Singular: Cancer stick

What does Cancer sticks mean?


Cancer sticks Synonyms: Cigs, Ciggies, Bogies, Shorts, Nikkis

Example sentence: “Why do you like to smoke cancer sticks babe?”

Cancer sticks in songs:

“Call me a pacifist, it’s really quite inaccurate I smack a bitch talkin’ shit about my cancer sticks” – Jay Reaper, Ridiculous

“Puffin on them cancer sticks I know it turn you off n shit But all I do is stress and I can’t get the devil offa me” – Joyner Lucas, That’s OK.

“I got them shooters on deck, AKs with banana clips We ain’t bout that talking you get smoked like cancer sticks” – Juicy J, Boss Nigga.

“Oh, what you crackin’? That’s fabulous (Woah), it’s 2019, fuck cancer sticks” – EGOVERT, FISH OUTTA BACARDI.

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Cancer sticks
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Cancer sticks