Bloods (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /blawds/

Singular: Blood

What does Bloods mean?

Bloods gang, A street gang identified usually by wearing a red bandana or red-colored clothing.

Other popular gangs: Crips, GDs

Example sentence:Lil Wayne claims to be a part of the bloods.”

Bloods in songs:

Bitches gettin’ high on drugs right now Got shooters on deck, I call Crips, call Bloods right now” – Uncle Murda, Right Now.

“New money, they looking down on me Blue bloods they trying to clown on me” – Jay-Z, Somewhereinamerica.

“Run up on Lil Tay-K, you ain’t runnin’, you gon’ float She don’t like Bloods, says she never had a Loc” – Tay-K, M…. She Wrote.

“I would’ve more than likely slang rocks All my life I done been around Crips and Bloods Pimps and thugs, just to name a few” – Ab-Soul, Terrorist Threats.

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