GetBackGang (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /get-back-gang/

Also spelled or known as: Get Back Gang, Get-back-gang

Related: GBG

What does GetBackGang mean?

A group popularized by Lil Reese in Chicago as retaliation to the opposition.

GetBackGang Synonyms: GBG

Popularized by: Lil Reese

Example sentence:Lil Reese popularized GetBackGang.”

GetBackGang in songs:

Nah for real though, GetBackGang, Real GetBackGang shit” – Lil Reese, Stop That.

Shout out GetBackGang man, them GetBacks” – Bayzoo, Beat Dat Body.

“We the reason niggas claiming GetBackGang” – FBG Duck, Gang Anthem.

Sosa got GetBackGang with him, too, All my niggas they gang, it ain’t no fufu” – Lil Reese, BBQ.

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