3Hunnid (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /three-hun-ehhd/

Also spelled or known as: 300, 3Hunna, 3 Hunnid

What does 3Hunnid mean?

300; A set in the South Side of Englewood, Chicago who are black disciple gang members.

3Hunnid Synonyms: 3Hunna, 300

Example sentence: “You know i’m 3Hunnid.”

3Hunnid in songs:

GBE, 3Hunnid, bitch, don’t try us” – SD, My Niggas.

“I’m Chiraq where I’m at, where other city’s show out And they know about 3hunnid, if they don’t then I’m out” – Lil Durk, 10k.

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