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Shroomies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /shroom-ees/

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What does Shroomies mean?

Mushrooms or Shrooms.

Shroomies Synonyms: Shrooms

Example sentence: “She was seeing things off the shroomies.”

Shroomies in songs:

“Table full of shroomies while I’m rollin’ the doobie You starin’ at me like you wanna hit it or somethin'” – J.R. Donato, Handle My Biz.

“And we lift off, feel all right They’re trippin’ off these shroomies, all I want them good vibes (Good vibes) My demons smokin’ loud and vibe (Yeah) It’s the feeling, got me hooked, no use, enjoy the ride” – Kid Cudi, Peace of Mind.

“Off the shroomies she looking pixaled I like to gamble but he never been to Vegas” – Young Jordan, Swooshed Up.

Yea, I’m wilding off them shroomies Ain’t got no worries like Tunechi All my chicks be bougie Wanna hold hands then watch movies” – Boo, Curtains.

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