Hiatus (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hi-ate-us/

What does Hiatus mean?

A temporary break between or from something.

Hiatus Synonyms: Interval, Interlude, Intermission

Example sentence: “After he dropped his debut album he went on a 2 year hiatus.”

Hiatus in songs:

“Twenty-two with a 2.2, Just came back from a long hiatus” – Dave, Titanium.

“I took a little hiatus, hope you could see the change” – Joe Budden, The Way You Love Me.

Rap like I know I’m the greatest then give you tropical flavors, Still never been on hiatus” – Drake, Two Birds, One Stone.

“Sold a mill, spent a mill, We was grindin’, Lord’s will, never thought of hiatus” – Pusha T, Revolution.

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