B’s (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bees/

Also spelled: Bs

What does B’s mean?

Billions. B’s is short for billions of dollars.

B’s Synonyms: Billy, Billi

Example sentence: “I can’t sleep sometimes, i’m up thinking about b’s.”

B’s in songs:

“We was in your cotton fields, now we sittin’ on B’s, on me” – Jay-Z, Universal Soldier.

“I got young niggas that’s rollin’, I got niggas throwin’ B’s” – Meek Mill, Dreams and Nightmares (Intro).

“She be throwing up them B’s, feel like we both bleed” – Travis Scott, STARGAZING.

“I’m tryna turn M’s to B’s in this bitch” – Drake, Grindin’.

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