Barrio (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ba-rio/

What does Barrio mean?

Spanish for “neighborhood“.

Barrio Synonyms: Hood, Block

Example sentence: “I’m the most known guy in my barrio.”

Barrio in songs:

Crazy barrio spot, we rock shit a lot, Ph.D.” – Nas, Represent.

“Riding in the barrio, Huff and puff blowing kush in Huf clothing articles” – Earl Sweatshirt, Knight.

“Nigga, it’s the big Southern rap impresario, Comin’ straight up out the black barrio” – Bun B, Big Pimpin’.

“When I release the flows I goes over yo dome far, The nigga to represent the barrio, we hold bars” – A la $ole, Sorry Bonita.

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