Ese (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /essay/

Also spelled: Esé

Plural: Eses

What does Ese mean?

A very close friend.

Ese Synonyms: Homie, Vato, Slime, Buddy, Homeboy, Broski, Dawg, Bro, Gang

Example sentence: “I’m watching the soccer game with my vato today.”

Ese in songs:

Babe, don’t call me ese but I love it when we kick it” – Kodak Black, Snot Thot.

“Riding low like an ese” – Future, Maybach.

Ese in the valley do my tats, nigga” – Nipsey Hussle, Rap Niggas.

“My lilese, he from the Trece” – YG, MAMACITA.

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