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Bark (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bark/

Related: Barking, Barked, Barkin’, Barking up the wrong tree, Barkin’ up the wrong tree

What does Bark mean?

To make threats or be loud.

Example sentence: “Why do you bark when you’re not like that?”

Bark in songs:

“Got enough rocks, see, check my hand And I got crack, watch how I talk And it’s still Wolf Gang, bitch, watch how I bark” – Tyler, the Creator, OKRA.

“I started this shit, they borrowed this shit, I thought of this shit, they thought it was it I’m doggin’ this shit, they bark and they sit, put a fork in that shit, which drawer to look in?” – Lil Wayne, Dedicate.

‘Cause we out here winnin’, brought my dogs from out the reservoir (Hoo!) And I’ma let ’em bark, before you ready, my set will start We forgot our roots before and trust me, things, they fell apart Wash myself with acid, it’s because I got a denim heart” – Mac Miller, Friends.

“Looking like a star with a real nice car, a Mercedes key And she got a nigga and she love this nigga, well, at least I think Every time we bark, she pay us no mind in the middle of the street” – Kendrick Lamar, Tammy’s Song (Her Evils).

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