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Barked (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /barkd/

Related: Barking, Bark, Barkin’, Barking up the wrong tree, Barkin’ up the wrong tree

What does Barked mean?

To have made threats or been loud.

Example sentence: “Remember when your crew barked at us.”

Barked in songs:

Spit a 100 bars before you could run 100 yards, 50 I seen a mushroom to the north, from my porch It was odd, every dog in the neighbourhood barked You wanna stand there and talk?” – Canibus, Poet Laureate Infinity.

“As niggas we’re all cut from a different branch, nigga Or they figure it’s just the similes ’til a nigga get barked on” – Daylyt, Daylyt vs. Tay Roc.

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