Shell shocked


Shell shocked (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /shell-shocked/

Also spelled or known as: Shell-shocked, Shellshocked

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What does Shell shocked mean?

To be suffering from shell shock or traumatic stress. 2. to be extremely shocked or upset.

Example sentence: “The whole group was shell shocked after the war.”

Shell shocked in songs:

“Roadblock, shell shocked, stretched on a back block” – Streetlife, Deadly Melody.

Broke so many bales down that I’m shell shocked” – 2 Chainz, It’s A Vibe.

“A tablespoon of baking soda leave you shell shocked” – Logic, No Pressure.

“AK’s with Chiquitas, you shell shocked like Adidas” – Lil Wayne, Pure Colombia.

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Shell shocked
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