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Bag chaser

Bag chaser (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bag-che-sir/

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What does Bag chaser mean?

Someone who chases money.

Bag chaser Synonyms: Paper chaser, Go-getter, Clout chaser, Fame chaser, Groupie

Example sentence: “My girl a bag chaser.”

Bag chaser in songs:

“She wanted a bag chaser Said “baby, you found the right one”” – WavesOnGianni, Stop Calling.

“Ouu ima little bag chaser Me‚ G-starLil Red just kicked in that vacant” – YungManny, Stripes.

“I need a 304 A bag chaser, a go-getter, ain’t scared to hit the road Snatch a Rollie off a trick, you wanna see me shine? I dropped a bitch and knocked the bitch, it was perfect timing” – AiritOut JuJu, 304.

Don’t ask no questions, I’m ’bout the paper ‘Cav how I’m pacing, I’m a bag chaser” – Mo$hpit Cindy, Alter Ego.

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Bag chaser
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Bag chaser