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Topped off

Topped off (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /topd-off/

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What does Topped off mean?

1. To have performed oral sex.

2. To have had oral sex performed on.

Topped off Synonyms: Blowed, Necked, Slopped, Slobbed, Sucked

Example sentence: “I got topped off after the date.”

Topped off in songs:

“Uh, I bought a Bentley, then I went and chopped the top off I got a bad bitch inside and I’m gettin’ topped off” – Young Thug, Liger.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry (Sorry) Cops pull me over ’cause I’m in a ‘Rari (A ‘Rari) Got topped off from lilmama ridin’ shotty (Shotty) Man, Woo gonshake the room, might catch a body (Body)” – Gunna, Paranoia (Original).

“It’s 82 degrees and my top off, and they top off I’m getting topped off, Top Dawg” – Ab-Soul, The Recipe (Black Hippy Remix).

“You could probably catch me somewhere where the sun is next And I understand that’s only ’cause I’m popular I’m getting topped off in the front row of the opera” – Action Bronson, Baby Blue.

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Topped off
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Topped off