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EZ widers

EZ widers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /e-z-wides/

Singular: EZ wider

What does EZ widers mean?

Extra wide rolling paper for joints.

Example sentence: “I have some EZ widers in my car.”

EZ widers in songs:

“For the elitest of rhymers and beat designers You smell these trees leaking through your equalizers A boss on them raws though I started with them EZ Widers OG daytons nigga not them eagle wires” – Curren$y, Televised.

“She only feel the love when he deep inside her Rolling basil leaves in the EZ Widers Spit a couple bars to spark the joint I never need a lighter” – Mick Jenkins, Leonidas.

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EZ widers
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EZ widers