Baddies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bad-ee’s/

Also spelled or known as: Baddies

Singular: Baddie

What does Baddies mean?

Very attractive women or girls.

Baddies Synonyms: Biddies, Broads, Bitties, Dime pieces, Babes, Tings, Gals, Bizzos

Example sentence: “We were in the club with baddies.”

Baddies in songs:

Icy, icy, I got baddies in my custody” – Young Thug, Ecstasy.

“I’m with gang with some baddies on that yacht now” – Smooky MarGielaa, Buck Shots.

“Look at the mathematics, look at the baddies, All made of plastic, I bet this money gon last me” – Offset, Minute.

“I got some foreign baddies in my DM they hitting me up” – Lil Baby, Bank.

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