The Yay

The Yay (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /the-yay/

Also spelled or known as: The-Yay

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What does The Yay mean?

1. The Bay Area.

The Yay Synonyms: Yay area, San Fran, Yay

2. Yayo; Cocaine.

The Yay Synonyms: Yay, Coco, Coca, Yayo, Llello

Example sentence:I’m going back to the yay this week.”

The Yay in songs:

“My bitch ride slow with the yay‘ like she get L’s” – Young Thug, Old English.

“Skinny rich girls always askin’ where the yay at” – G-Eazy, Far Alone.

“Got a plug in the yay‘, I got bricks in a Focus” – Yo Gotti, Money Walk.

Iced out Cartier, this not new Patek Lifestyle all the yay comin’ out Yucatec” – Kevin Gates, Difficult.

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The Yay
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The Yay