Wink (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /we-ink/

Related: Winking, Winked

What does Wink mean?

To blink one eye at someone in a friendly, sexual or romantic manner .

Example sentence: “Your girlfriend hit me with the wink.”

Wink in songs:

“Walk in a party see a barbie looking nice I just give her a smile and a wink” – Dave, Six Paths.

“Tell your baby daddy that he’s super weak, Fucked your girl last night: it only took a wink” – 2 Chainz, SupaFreak.

“I wink my eye at yobitch, if she smiles, she gone” – 50 Cent, In Da Club.

“I talked to God the other day, he say he got a nigga, So, I look death up in her eye and then I wink” – Lil Wayne, Open Letter.

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