Ring a bell


Ring a bell (phrase)

Type: slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /ring-a-bell/

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What does Ring a bell mean?

To sound familiar.

Example sentence: “No sorry that name doesn’t ring a bell.”

Ring a bell in songs:

“I’m a hot shot, Met her at the club and I took her to the casa, Get bread nonstop, Know my name, ring a bell like Raja” – Jack Harlow, Route 66.

“I’m slept on, so right now my name might not ring a bell” – Rockie Fresh, Are You With Me?.

“And when you mention my name, it ring a bell, Ask any female, nobody do it like L” – Big L, Who You Slidin’ Wit’.

“My name ring a bell, Put you in a spell” – Thaiboy Digital, Can’t Tell.

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Ring a bell
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Ring a bell
Ring a bell