Weakling (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /weak-lin/

Plural: Weaklings

What does Weakling mean?

A weak person.

Weakling Synonyms: Wuss, Wink, Punk, Buster, Chump, Sherm, Wuss

Example sentence: “There is no weakling in my crew.”

Weakling in songs:

I’m mad at myself, ’cause I didn’t spot the weakling” – Jay-Z, A Week Ago.

“My shine what the fuck is on your mind?, Little weakling rappers better hit the grind” – Q-Tip, N.T..

Ex one look like RiRi, I’m not a weakling” – Baby Keem, Bullies.

“I am what the hood built, you are just a weakling” – Scarface, No Problem.

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