730 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /seven-thirty/

What does 730 mean?

Police code for a crazy person.

730 Synonyms: 5150, Wild, Crazy

Other police codes: 186, 5150, 187, 226, 211

Example sentence: “Their neighbors reported a 730.”

730 in songs:

“Who got these niggas all wound up?, Cocksucker, I’m 730” – Jay-Z, Mr. Nice Watch.

“If you 730, that mean you crazy, “Hit me on the hip” means page me” – Big L, Ebonics.

Cook it up, hurry, All of my niggas on 730” – Rich the Kid, End of Discussion.

“My shooters come out after dark, I been 730 from the start” – Jay Critch, Did It Again (Remix).

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