Chump (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chawmp/

Plural: Chumps

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What does Chump mean?

A weak person.

Chump Synonyms: Wuss, Wimp, Weakling, Punk, Buster

Example sentence:Shawty want a winner not a chump.”

Chump in songs:

“I been runnin’ my city like Diddy, you chump” – Lil Wayne, Go DJ.

“Picture me lettin’ this chump survive, Ran up on his ass, when I dumped he died” – 2Pac, Troublesome ’96.

“You such a fucking chump, Pockets on swole, lump sum” – Rico Nasty, Smack a Bitch.

“All the neighborhood hoes wanna fuck now, I can’t let chain me up like a chump now” – Lil Herb, 4 Minutes of Hell Part 2.

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